Resident Evil 7 VHS: How Is It Connected To The Kitchen Tech Demo?

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The demo for Resident Evil 7 is currently the rave with gamers today as they are still solving the hidden secrets of the farmhouse. Some players may also remember that the Beginning Hour demo features an event from the Project Morpheus tech-demo called Kitchen VR. Aside from the engine used and the setting, the Kitchen VR and Resident Evil 7 demo may have more connections than others think.

In the Resident Evil 7 demo, players are taken through a VHS scene that shows the events that happened to Clancy, Pete and Andre. The three enter the house and are attacked by an unknown assailant. Then we also see Pete freeing Clancy from being tied to a chair, only to be stabbed from behind. The last scenes from the VHS are apparently from the Kitchen VR demo that appeared at E3 2015.

Then before the new demo begins, the text ?Before Kitchen? appears. Some players pointed out that the main character in the demo for Resident Evil 7 is no longer the same one from the VHS video since he met his end then. Some players managed to see the time difference between the two settings of the demos, which show that Pete, Clancy and Andre?s event occurred at 10 PM, while the events of the new demo occurred at 11:40 PM.

Capcom managed to connect the two demos to create one terrifying experience. The best part is that the VHS tapes themselves open more possibilities of undiscovered secrets in the Resident Evil 7 demo. Some players have begun speculating that there may be other tapes hidden inside the farmhouse that show the events that happened between the moments of Clancy and Pete?s capture and their death.

We?re still knee deep in scouring the farmhouse for more secrets, so stay tuned here at The BitBag for more updates.

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