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Resident Evil 7 Update: Game Development Footages Reveal Zombies, Characters And More

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Resident Evil 7

We?re all pretty excited for Resident Evil 7 when it comes out next year, but the game?s still a big mystery for now. What we do know about the game so far is that it?s pretty terrifying. It?s also a refreshing new take on the series which popularized zombies in gaming. Recently, Famitsu released a couple of images from the production of the game, and we got a better glimpse of the upcoming title. Here?s our Resident Evil 7 update to keep you on track.

Everything Is Visually Stunning

The Beginning Hour demo was a feast for the eyes. Everything was beautifully rendered, and it should be since the demo was only a few minutes long. Based on the images by Famitsu, the full Resident Evil 7 title is still going to look good. Screens of Family Man show off highly detailed models that were drawn out properly, from veins to strands of hair. If this is what the game looks like at launch, then we?re all in for a visual treat.

Zombies Look Scarier Than Ever

The new images also gave us a glimpse of the zombies in Resident Evil 7 for the first time. As expected, they look great. Capcom?s got everything down correctly to make the zombies look more terrifying. The studio didn?t hold back in gore as well. One image in particular is in all levels of nasty as the zombie has a quarter of its head missing.

No Leon Kennedy?

Another Resident Evil 7 update reveals that Capcom is going to dial down on character cameos for the next entry. In an interview with GameRant, Leon Kennedy?s voice actor, Matt Mercer, revealed that he wasn?t called to do voice acting for the game. The actor later on said that he can?t say that he doesn?t have any involvement in Resident Evil 7. We may still get a glimpse of Leon in some way.

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