Resident Evil 7 Update 1.03 Live! Changes In Latest Patch

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Resident Evil 7 update 1.03
Source: Resident Evil 7 biohazard: TAPE-0 – “Banned Footage” DLC Official Trailer video

Recently, Capcom released the Resident Evil 7 update 1.03 on the PlayStation 4. The new update is around 250 MB large, which is definitely not enough for a major update. Potentially, the update 1.03 can be a patch to prepare Resident Evil 7’s current files for the Not a Hero DLC confirmed this Spring. Here’s what we know so far about the Resident Evil 7 update 1.03

Update 1.03 contents

The Resident Evil 7 update 1.03 we received is around 252.7MB large. When checked on the Resident Evil 7 update history, the patch notes only shows it has “fixed certain bugs and issues”, which is technically generic patch description filler. Fans will have to play the game thoroughly to find the changes and fixes made to the game.

Few Days after Update 1.02

A day before the second paid DLC pack for Resident Evil 7 rolled out, Capcom released the Resident Evil 7 update 1.02. Update 1.02 was released in preparation for the February 14 launch of the Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC. The patch added new Resident Evil 7 trophies

Not a Hero Preparation Files

Considering the short timeframe between the release of update 1.02 and 1.03, it’s highly likely the latest patch is mainly for fixing errors brought about by the second DLC pack. However, some fans speculate that Capcom might be preparing the game for the upcoming Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC. The upcoming DLC is promised to launch this coming Spring 2017, and March is the earliest month possible for its release. In the Not a Hero DLC, players will get to see more of “Redfield”, the Umbrella operative that players see in the main game.

In Resident Evil, Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield are the known Redfields in the series and they both worked against the Umbrella Corporation. Potentially, Resident Evil 7’s “Redfield” could be Chris, but the facial features are definitely far away from his appearance. Additionally, he still works as a law enforcement operative often sent out to deal with bioterrorism cases. It’s possible that the Resident Evil 7 update 1.03 has installed some files to prepare the “Redfield” story or lore in the Not A Hero DLC.

Resident Evil 7 so far

Currently, Resident Evil 7 players have received new game modes through the Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC. 21, Daughters, and Jack’s 55th Birthday game mode are the new game modes in the recent DLC. For now, we’ll have to wait until March if the Not A Hero DLC comes out or not. Currently, the Resident Evil 7 update 1.03 may just be a quick fix patch that just happened to be released really closely to the previous patch.

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