Resident Evil 7 Twilight Demo: Mysteries To Be Solved In The Next Update

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resident evil 7 twilight demo

The Resident Evil 7 Twilight demo doesn?t differ much from the Beginning Hour. There are only a few things to discover, but a lot of other unsolved mysteries opened up. Fans were hoping that the update will be the last we see from Capcom before the full game launches in January. However, that?s apparently not the case. There are a lot of things unanswered yet, but we might not have to wait long to get them solved.

Dummy Hand

After the Dummy Finger, the Twilight update introduced a new item called the Dummy Hand. We finally got a use for the Dummy Finger, but the Dummy Hand is a dead end for now. Players are speculating that it might be used for gravestones, but we?ve yet to see where these objects are.

New Door And Window

Upon leaving the first area, players will get to interact with a door. It?s one of the new additions in the Resident Evil 7 Twilight demo. Based on the sounds and rattles that the door makes, it?s obvious that there?s something behind it. The next update might solve the mystery and possibly let players use their handgun?and axe against an enemy.?

A new area in the attic has a window that teases an escape from the farmhouse. However, there’s nothing players can do to?open the window for now.?

When Will The Next Demo Update Drop?

There are only a few more months before Resident Evil 7 finally launches. Capcom still has a few months left to update the demo. Chances are, we?ll be getting the update before the launch month.

The next update might also be the last for the demo. If that is the case, then it might finally answer all of the mysteries in the farmhouse.

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