Resident Evil 7 Twilight Demo: How To Get The New Ending

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resident evil 7 twilight demo

The Twilight update to the Resident Evil 7 demo holds many mysteries. From new items to pick up to new things to see in the house, there?s a new secret to uncover in each corner. Perhaps the most important of all the additions is a new ending. Here?s our Resident Evil 7 Twilight demo guide on how to get the new ending.

How To Get The Ending

To get the new ending, players will need to get to the attic. Doing so requires the player to examine the lever in the fireplace. After examining it, they?ll need to pull it down. This action should be done first above all other things to get the new ending.

A secret entrance will appear in the fireplace and all players need to do then is get inside the secret area. Players will then need to look for a fuse inside the secret?area. The fuse should then be placed in the fuse box inside the starting area. There will be a button upstairs that players should press. Doing so will make the attic stairs come down from the ceiling.

This is a pretty similar process with getting the phone endings from the original Resident Evil 7 demo.

What?s With The New Ending

Like previous phone call endings, the phone will ring and the message at the end will be cryptic. This time, the message is, ?Just remember: all doors can be opened. If they couldn?t, they wouldn?t be doors, but some doors must remained closed for now.? This clue might be pertaining to the new door and window that can be seen in the Resident Evil 7 Twilight demo.

After the message, Jack Baker will appear and the demo ends. A message will also appear in the end, saying: ?The end of the path is near.?

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