Resident Evil 7 Tokyo Game Show 2016: Livestream Details, Schedule, And What To Expect

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Resident Evil 7

Those who can?t wait for the release of Resident Evil 7 have a lot to be excited about this coming Tokyo Game Show. Capcom will host a livestream event, showcasing their numerous titles. Consequently, part of the event will be solely dedicated to Resident Evil. There?s a lot in store for the series and we?ve got the Resident Evil 7 Tokyo Game Show 2016 livestream details right here.

Livestream Schedule

NeoGaf user, Dusk Golem shared a rundown of the schedule of events for Capcom. The Resident Evil 7 Tokyo Game Show 2016 livestream schedule for Sept. 17 is as follows.

  • ????????12:25 to 13:10 ? Resident Evil Special Stage Part 1: Resident Evil 7: biohazard Stage ? Featuring Masachika Kawata (producer) and Tsuyoshi Kanada (producer). The latest information on the numbered Resident Evil game.
  • ????????13:10 to 13:15 ? Talk
  • ????????13:20 to 13:50 ? Resident Evil Special Stage Part 2: Resident Evil 20th Anniversary and Movie Contents Stage ? Featuring Hiroyuki Kobayashi (producer) and Masachika Kawata (producer). A producer talk stage full of Resident Evil-related information. The laetst information on the live-action Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and the CG Resident Evil: Vendetta, too!
  • ????????13:50 to 14:00 ? Resident Evil Booth Talk

The schedule is written at Japanese time. The event starts at 4:25 AM PST and ends at 6 AM PST. ?Aside from that, there will be another Resident Evil 7 event on the 18th. It will take place at 3:10 ? 3:40 AM PST. The short event will serve as an introduction for the latest Resident Evil game. We?re expecting more details about the gameplay and story of the upcoming title.

Fans can watch the Resident Evil 7 Tokyo Game Show 2016 livestream from Capcom?s ?YouTube and Twitch Channel. Both channels also have a countdown on the start of the livestream so it?ll be easier to catch.?

New Resident Evil 7 gameplay screenshots were earlier leaked, giving fans a glimpse of how combat would look like. It’s possible that?this is part of Capcom’s presentation at Tokyo Game Show this week.

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