Resident Evil 7 Secrets: Why There’s More Surprises To Uncover

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Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger

It doesn?t take much to figure out that there are currently tons of players trying out the demo for Resident Evil 7. A lot of the demo?s secrets have already been uncovered, but many believe that there?s still more to discover. Here?s why we think why there?s more Resident Evil 7 secrets in the demo.

Ghost Girl

Throughout the entire demo, players will be able to encounter the mysterious ghost girl once in each playthrough. There are several areas to see her in. It?s possible that there might be more to the girl than just the spooky appearances. Could it be that one of the endings will have her jump scare us out of our seats ?ala Lisa from the Silent Hills P.T.?

Hidden Messages

Some players recently discovered that there are hidden messages in the VHS part of the Resident Evil 7 demo. Not only are the messages hard to hear, players have to reverse the audio to actually decipher the message. It?s hard to believe that Capcom would go to such extent for useless sound bites. While the messages are cryptic, they still point out some specific objects like a balcony and the TV. It?s even possible that the messages come from none other than the ghost girl.

Dummy Finger

Last and possibly the best reason of all is the Dummy Finger. Players have been exerting a lot of hours into figuring out what this item does but to no avail. There?s an onslaught of theories surrounding the Dummy Finger and a possible hidden ending, but players are still yet to uncover it. It there is a secret ending in the Resident Evil 7 demo, it?s very likely that it will be revolving around the Dummy Finger, as Capcom itself confirmed that the item is used for something. We?re hoping that Capcom isn?t pulling any jokes on us in this one.

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