Resident Evil 7 Secrets: Changing Audio Reveals Mysterious Voice And Possible New Ending

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Capcom?s Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo is chock full of secrets that players discover day by day. The secrets aren?t just about what the player does or sees, as listening carefully to the game uncovers another grisly mystery in the farm house. Players worldwide are adjusting their audio settings in Resident Evil 7 and were able to discover some creepy lines.

Some players managed to decipher a few hidden messages in the Beginning Hour by reversing the entire VHS part?s audio. The messages are hard to hear, but if listened to closely, the video below reveals a few cryptic lines:

  • ????????“Babies…”
  • ????????“M’sorry(?) / M’soul(?)”
  • ????????“Save/slay my soul”.
  • ????????“Just breathe(?) / Just sorry(?)”
  • ????????“Blood TV(?) / Blood tear(?)”
  • ????????“Balcony(?)”
  • ????????“Hands…”
  • ????????“I miss you… both(?)… throw(?)… this man(?)… is real(?)/he’s real(?)… Just a little way”
  • ????????“Slave(?), brave(?), silent(?)”
  • ????????“Won’t give you anything(?)”

It?s hard to derive anything from the hidden messages, much like the entire Resident Evil 7 demo, and there may even be more hidden messages in the game?s audio that we?ve yet to decipher. Will the messages above reveal more clues about an alternate ending for the demo?

We?ve uncovered a total of four endings so far, but we?ve yet to see what the Dummy Finger is for. It?s easy to say that the Dummy Finger is just Capcom sending us on a wild goose chase, but even the developer said that it?s used for something.

From the messages, the best we can come up with is that the other secret ending has something to do with a balcony and possibly the TV in the living room. There may be more hidden messages in the Resident Evil 7 demo that we?ve yet to uncover, and it may have something to do with the mysterious ghost girl, who?s probably the source of the hidden messages above.

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