?Resident Evil 7′ Scariest of All Resident Evil Games?

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Resident Evil 7

you are a fan of zombie games then games from the Resident Evil franchise is definitely something that you have enjoyed over the years. While Resident Evil 6 was a huge disappointment, Capcom is looking to bounce back with Resident Evil 7 which is already being tagged as the scariest game in the franchise so far.

Resident Evil 6 veered away slightly from what made the Resident Evil games such a huge success. It used loud explosions and exaggerated combat sequences which did not really play well with fans of the franchise.

The demo of Resident Evil 7, on the other hand, has become a huge hit as it was debuted at the last E3 expo, as reported by Engadget. The demo of the new game is available to play at Gamescom and it has received amazing reviews.

One noticeable change in Resident Evil 7 is the first-person perspective of the game which is different from the usual third-person format of previous games. This gives the game a unique element that fans of the franchise surely enjoy. The fact that it is compatible with the upcoming Playstation VR makes it even better.

Playstation VR

The tone of Resident Evil 7 is drastically different from the previous games. It likewise allows gamers to meet a whole new cast of characters. The game is set at a rundown plantation which certainly offers a ton of scary environments for gamers to enjoy. The more quiet and laid back setting gives the game a whole new dimension with the scares and story twists that will surely make gamers think twice about playing the game in the dark.

So far, Resident Evil 7 is expected to launch in January next year but surely pre-orders for the game will already become available a few months before that time. If you are a huge fan of the zombie video game genre, Resident Evil 7 is definitely one title that you should look forward to.

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