Resident Evil 7 Returning To Survival Horror Roots? Game Set in Raccoon City? [Rumor]

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The Resident Evil series has gained mixed reactions from fans over the years. Capcom has constantly dealt with the love-hate relationship between gamers and the Resident Evil franchise. Many gamers have wished for the publisher Capcom to bring back the horror and survival aspects of the game. Now many game enthusiasts suggest that with Resident Evil 7, the series will go back to its horror roots which have lately been replaced with Hollywood film moments.

Fans who have been waiting for Resident Evil 7 may find the old popular game setting in the new title. A report by Christian Today indicates that Capcom may grant fans? demands this time due to pressure. The game publisher is reportedly planning to bring back the title to its original settings by featuring Raccoon City in Resident Evil 7.

Fans who are familiar with the Resident Evil games may recall the Raccoon City map in previous games of the franchise. Raccoon City features a town devastated by a virus outbreak. Recent reports suggest that along with Raccoon City setting, Resident Evil 7 will feature the highly popular horror aspects from the previous games in the franchise.

In Resident Evil 7, several anti-heroes including William Birkin and Nemesis may also come back. Many gamers feel that the last two installments of the series were not as good as the first three. This is one of the main reasons why many fans gave up on Resident Evil, and the franchise experienced significant decline in popularity.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 is still a mystery as the game developer and publisher have not released any official statement. However, if the new Resident Evil game features the old horror aspects of the franchise, the experiment can breathe a new life to the series as it still has a good following.

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