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Resident Evil 7 Release: UK And Australia Get Steelbook With DLC! Magnum Gun Confirmed

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Resident Evil 7 Release

With the?Resident Evil 7 release?nearing, a Steelbook edition for?non-US regions has been spotted online. The edition will be exclusively available for the UK, Australia and other areas. The details of the edition have popped out on an retailer GAME. The cover image for the edition confirms that Magnum gun will be available, and there are other additional benefits for players buying the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Steelbook edition.

DLC Inclusions

A British game retailer has listed the new edition on its official website suggesting that it will bring a survival pack action set that includes 44 Mag ammo, four special grenade, one unit of lockpick, solid fuel and gunpowder, and herb. Additionally, players can also unlock the Madhouse mode.

It?s quite surprising that a special edition for the game is bringing ammo for players. Seeing ammo as a bonus content indicates how?scarce it will be to get ammo for this strong weapon.

Guns Without Bullets?

The rarity of ammo in the game has triggered discussions among fans. Some fans on Reddit say that the pre-order bonuses are weak. The pre-unlocked mode which is coming as a bonus can also be unlocked by playing the game, so it is not something unique for those who pre-order.

Capcom already said that players should not expect massive gunfire in Resident Evil Biohazard because it is a different kind of game. Fans say that those in France or Australia can also get this edition from Amazon.

This is not the only thing related to the Resident Evil 7 release. The Collector?s Edition as spotted by PSU on Gamestop doesn?t even include the base game. To get the base game with the Collector?s Edition, ?players will have to pay extra. The final game is scheduled to arrive on January 24, 2017 and will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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