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Resident Evil 7 Release: Demo Details, Setting, And More You Should Know

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During Sony?s presentation at E3 2016, zombie fans were finally presented with Resident Evil 7. After years of waiting, fans can finally get a glimpse of the upcoming title by Capcom. There?s a lot revealed about the game, and we?re here to help you catch up. Here?s everything we know about the Resident Evil 7 release date and gameplay.

Release Date

Fans don?t have to wait a long time to finally play the much-awaited sequel, as the Resident Evil 7 release date is on Jan. 24, 2017. All that?s left to do now is wait and hope that the game won?t be subjected to delays and other problems.

Sequel Or Reboot?

From the looks of things, the new game feels like an entirely new take on the franchise. It looks like a reboot but it?s actually a sequel directly set after the events of Resident Evil 6. We?re not entirely sure who the protagonists will be, but fans are expecting to see their favorites like Leon, Chris and Jill in the game.

Back To The Roots

This time around, Capcom is going to bring the series back to the horror genre it became famous for. We don?t know what this exactly means, but fans should expect fewer action sequences and gunplay as compared with Resident Evil 5 and 6. Throughout the years, the game shifted from a top-down perspective to a third-person game, and this time, it will be a first-person title. The game is also being developed to be compatible with VR.

PS4 Demo

There?s a demo for the upcoming title available in the PlayStation Store called Resident Evil 7 teaser: Beginning Hour. The demo channels the thrills and spooks of Konami?s cancelled Silent Hills teaser P.T. ?The teaser won?t be part of the full game launching in January, but it will still be set in the same universe. Players will also get to use a different protagonist in the main game.

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