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Resident Evil 7 PC Release: Capcom Ensures Smooth Gameplay Performance

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Resident Evil 7 PC

Recently, Capcom rolled out a patch for the Resident Evil 7 demo that introduces some optimization fixes for the game. Potentially, these fixes could be aimed at players with less powerful PC specs and to boost compatibility for high-spec players. Capcom may be preparing for the full Resident Evil 7 PC release and is just avoiding a bad start for the game. Here?s what we know so far about the Resident Evil 7 patch.

Short Optimization Patch

According to the official statement, here are the four updates that will be in the Resident Evil 7 demo:

?? Game now works on CPUs without SSE4.1 functionality (e.g. AMD Phenom, Intel Core2 series)

?? Optimized HBAO+ experience

?? Fixed an issue that caused the screen size to change when switching from full screen to windowed mode.

?? In-game purchase button now correctly links to the full game store page.

Meanwhile, Nvidia cards with HBAO+ can now apply this without causing problems in the game. Along with the last two fixes, Capcom might be smoothing things out as early as in the Resident Evil 7 PC demo to reach their PC audience.

Street Fighter 5 Release Blunder

In February, Street Fighter 5?s release had many issues and lacking features. The game received low review scores which hurt the game. Now Street Fighter 5 has already cleared its first season content but newer players may need to unlock the characters to play them. If Capcom releases Resident Evil 7 sloppily, they may lose momentum again.

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Resident Evil 7 So Far

Currently, Resident Evil 7?s console demo is satisfactory. The PS4 version will also have PlayStation VR support, which is currently a great gamble. The horror experience in the Resident Evil 7 meshes well with the VR view. However, Capcom may have to set the trend with Resident Evil 7 due to the lack of notable VR titles at the moment. Additionally, Capcom may have to optimize the Resident Evil 7 PC version to avoid any blunders and prevent any bad reviews due to technical issues.

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