Resident Evil 7 New Ending: Theories On How To Unlock More Scenes

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By this point, I?m sure we?ve all done some crazy things in the demo for Resident Evil 7 just to figure out how to get the fabled hidden ending. From background audio to the Dummy Finger, players have done nearly everything in the farmhouse, but the secrets are still well-kept. There are some theories that stand out from the rest, and they sound really plausible. Could it be that these secrets are the key to solving the mystery of the farmhouse? Here are a few Resident Evil 7 demo theories to try out.

Two Secret Doors

Redditor Makotochi theorizes that there are two doors that will open once the lever in the fireplace is pulled. Players usually head straight inside the secret room once it is revealed, but no one has ever considered looking around first. What players could do is run around the house once the lever is pulled to see if there are other hidden doors. They have to do it fast though as it might be just a temporary opening.

VHS And Real-World Are In Sync?

A NeoGAF user believes that the VHS and the real-world work hand-in-hand with each other rather than the ?former being just a flashback. If the player plays the VHS tape and opens the lever, a key will be received instead. But if the player heads for the secret lever from the beginning, the key is gone and will be replaced by a fuse. There?s no explanation why the items change before and after viewing the VHS tape, so it?s possible that players need to interact with the objects in the VHS world to change the outcome of the real-world and vice versa.

These two theories are just one of the many ideas players have been trying out in order to see a new ending. Hopefully, these two theories get us closer to uncovering the secrets of the Resident Evil 7 demo.

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