Resident Evil 7: New Ending Hinted By In-Game Headphone?

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Players uncovering more secrets in the demo for Resident Evil 7 is becoming the trend these days, and it?s nothing short of a surprise as the game is up to the brim with secrets. A newly uncovered secret now points to yet another audio discovery in the game. Although the new clue isn?t used to find a new ending yet, it might be a new lead drawing us very close to a new scene in the Resident Evil 7 demo.

First off, players will need to go to the headphones somewhere in the house during the VHS segment. To fully hear the hidden message, it?s better to turn down the sound effects and background volume to 0 and turn up the voice volume up to 10.

The message is still hard to hear, so YouTuber MeshFul decided to amp up the volume by opening it in an editing software. The message is ?Just a little bit more.? It?s a rather vague hint, but still a new lead nonetheless.

Players are now trying to see what this new audio means. However, there are some who believe that there was just a mistake in recording on the part of the voice actors and Capcom. Some believe the phrase ?just a little bit more? is just the director asking the voice actor to give more effort in breathing loudly, which is what we were intended to hear.

But looking back at the history of the Resident Evil 7 demo history, it?s possible that this is also another clue leading us to a secret ending. The first hidden audio clue can be heard only if the player reverses the audio, so it?s very well-hidden just like this new lead.

For now, players still have no clue as to what the hidden message means, but we?ll update you here at TheBitbag if it leads to something.

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