Resident Evil 7: New Biohazard Demo At TGS 2016 Announced By Capcom

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The recent Lantern gameplay trailer released by Capcom for Resident Evil 7 at Gamescom raised a lot of eyebrows. The trailer was exciting and nothing short of creepy, but what made fans like it more is that it teased that another Resident Evil 7 demo is on the way. Fans? wishes may be coming true as Capcom will soon have another demo of the upcoming title.

A recent blog post by Capcom; as translated by Gematsu, reveals that it will be bringing a demo of Resident Evil 7 at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, or TGS. Those in attendance can get their hands on the upcoming Resident Evil 7 demo, but fans should probably expect it at the PlayStation Store also.

Capcom didn?t exactly detail what the demo is about. It?s possible that it will be similar to the Beginning Hour demo that?s filled not only with spooks and scares, but a ton of secrets also. It?s rumored that the secrets of the Dummy Finger will be revealed through another demo and the one at TGS 2016 may just be it.

It?s also possible that the upcoming demo isn?t like the Beginning Hour, and will be an exact short segment of the final game. What makes the Lantern gameplay trailer different from the ones seen at E3 2016 is that it showed off actual gameplay footage from the upcoming Resident Evil 7. There are still a lot of unseen features in the game including combat, and it may be revealed at TGS 2016.

TGS 2016 will run through September 15 to 18, but Capcom?s panel will be from 17 to 18. Those who can?t attend shouldn?t fret as Capcom will open up a livestream for their event. Other games joining Resident Evil are Monster Hunter Spirits, Monster Hunter Stories and Toraware no Palm.

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