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Resident Evil 7: What It Could Learn From The Demo

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For a demo, the Beginning hour from Capcom is surprisingly taking the world by storm. It?s not really as scary as the Silent Hills P.T., but the sheer amount of hidden content it has is pushing players to play it every day. The demo is very well-received, and the only negative comment for it is that the secrets are too well-kept. The full game will launch January next year, and there?s a lot Resident Evil 7 could learn from the demo.

Setting Up The Spooks

The atmosphere of the entire game is as important as the monsters and jumpscares that lie in waiting. The farmhouse in the Resident Evil 7 demo is a good example of a perfect setting for a horror game. The sounds and the areas itself is eerie, and the lighting is all too perfect. What it does is make players anticipate the horrors that lie beyond, making it an authentic survival horror experience.

Too Secretive Secrets

By now, we?re all familiar with how players are going insane over figuring out whether or not there?s more to the demo. Some criticized that it?s a bit too hard to discover the hidden gems in the game, making it more of a chore rather than an adventure. Although solving a mystery and some puzzles is fun, making it unfairly difficult is a bit dragging for players. Capcom could ease up a little with the secrets.

Visuals Are Very Important

As with every other game, the way it looks has become one of the most important factors in considering the title good. The Beginning Hour demo sports really neat visuals and even better is the performance was not compromised. We?re not sure how the visuals would work on a full title, but Capcom should step up their game again. Gore and horror work so much better on 60 fps and near life-like visuals.

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