Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Leaked Ahead Of Tokyo Game Show 2016! Firearms, Manor, And More Revealed

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Resident Evil 7

Recently, Resident Evil 7 was shown in the pre-Tokyo Game Show PlayStation press conference. However, a leak featured Resident Evil 7 gameplay screenshots, which confirm its setting and usable weapons. This confirms that the next Resident Evil is also a first-person shooter instead of just a first-person horror game.

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On the Brazilian Resident Evil?s site, the Resident Evil 7 gameplay screenshots were leaked. The leak shows the player character holding a pistol and a knife. Additionally, the leak also shows a mansion area in the game. This leak quells any idea that implies that Resident Evil 7 is just a horror game which does not provide players any way to defend themselves against enemies.

Nod to Earlier Entries

Te Handgun and the knife are one of the player?s early weapons in the first Resident Evil entries. Both weapons have low damage, but their cost-efficiency makes them trusty picks. Handgun ammo are the most usual ammo scattered on the map, while the knife doesn?t cost anything to use. Resident Evil players mostly wield these weapons to search areas and fend off single zombies without wasting stronger weapon ammo.

Additionally, the manor or mansion areas are typical in older Resident Evil entries. Most of the old Resident Evil houses have puzzles that either reveal special items or secret paths to the next area. It?s possible that the Resident Evil 7 gameplay may involve a lot of progression which would make players paranoid of zombies lurking in corners.

Since the gameplay leak showed the two weapons, Capcom may only give out weak weapons to preserve the game?s horror potential. Alternatively, Capcom can bring their older fans back with a similar weapon progression from the older Resident evil entries.

More Weapons, No Microtransactions

Recently, an official Resident Evil tweet confirmed that while it will have?bonus pre-order items, they will not charge for microtransactions. So far, the Handgun and Shotgun are the confirmed weapons. The Burner and Chem Fluid set could either be tools or unlikely weapons in Resident Evil 7. For now, it?s slightly comforting that the upcoming game will have weapons. However, it may also mean that Capcom will throw in some bosses that players would need to fight with the measly equipment.

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