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Resident Evil 7 Gameplay: Guns Confirmed By Capcom

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Resident Evil 7

Capcom kicked off the Resident Evil series with a survival horror game that involved solving puzzles and connecting the story with the clues revealed in the diaries and video tapes. Later, the studio slowly changed the direction of the series until it become a full-on guns blazing action-oriented title. This time, however, the Resident Evil 7 gameplay is going back to its roots, and according to Capcom, the game will not be a ?gunfest,? although the game?s director revealed that there will still be guns as well as herbs.

Resident Evil 7 director Koushi Nakanishi confirmed that there will be guns in the game, but fans should not expect a lot of them. During an interview after E3, he told Eurogamer that their first person title is not for those interested in gunplay. It doesn?t mean though that combat will not be part of the Resident Evil 7 gameplay.

After a long wait, Capcom finally revealed a demo of the game. While there aren?t any foes to battle, players have found a usable axe that can be used to destroy some items in the area. Though the studio also confirmed that the demo will not be part of the game and the protagonist will be different, it is still hard to predict what the final version of the game will feel like. As herbs will return in the latest game, there?s surely enough combat segments included.

The Resident Evil franchise has been getting poor feedback from fans due to the changes Capcom made in the last several years. Many fans believe that Resident Evil 7 is the last chance for the developer to keep the franchise alive, and it seems that Capcom actually listened to fans? request as it is making the game feel scary again. Although the studio said that there won?t be massive gunplay, the game will still feature guns because the resource management has been an inseparable part of the Resident Evil games.

Those who are expecting to fire their guns a lot in Resident Evil 7 will be disappointed. Nakanishi said fans who lust for guns should play Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps instead. Because of this, it seems that players must learn to avoid enemies instead as the developers seems to make players feel vulnerable.

In the previous Resident Evil games, ammunition was scarce, which forced players to conserve their bullets and use it only when necessary. Because of this, most players opt to use their firearms only when they cannot run past zombies.

Resident Evil 7 will come out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A demo of the game is exclusively available for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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