Resident Evil 7 Gameplay: Five Ways Capcom Can Revive The Series

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5 things that can make Resident Evil 7 better than Capcom's previous games

It?s been a shaky journey for Capcom due to its highly popular Resident Evil franchise. Undoubtedly, Resident Evil games have been popular among fans, but the developer experienced a lot of difficulties in figuring out what players actually want from the game series. Capcom has made various efforts to fix the game, but the Resident Evil franchise is nowhere close to what it used to be.?However, Capcom is bringing the next installment, Resident Evil 7, which may be released sometime soon. It looks like the Resident Evil series has reached the point where Capcom can make or break it. Resident Evil 7 is expected to decide the fate of the highly popular game series, and the company still has time to fix everything and deliver a brand new experience to players.

Here are five things Capcom should do regarding the Resident Evil 7 gameplay to bring the series? charm back:

Raccoon City

Resident Evil has several movies which also became popular. Finally, Capcom changed the direction of the game like the movie and kicked out Raccoon City from the game. Those familiar with the games may remember the devastated city. It was one of the highly appreciated settings of the game. Capcom should definitely think about bringing the city map back to the franchise. Fans have been speculating on the arrival of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 7.

More survival missions

Capcom should bring classic survival horror back to the game. People love to play horror games, and it is obvious that a huge fan base is already there. People would love it if Capcom brings some more adrenaline-pumping stuff with the next Resident Evil game. Capcom started the series with such theme, and fans are expecting it in the future entries in the franchise. Delivering the gameplay that fans want can benefit both the developer and the players.

Go back to the game?s roots

Long-time fans of Resident Evil series have been informed that Capcom is going back to its horror roots with Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and Resident Evil HD Remake are solid examples of how Capcom is trying to go back to the franchise?s anxiety-filled gameplay. Fans are expecting that Resident Evil 7 will follow the same path.

A massive story

Capcom has a huge fan base for the Resident Evil series, and if the company wants to expand the franchise, they can try creating a whole new story. By keeping the story massive, Capcom can ensure long life for their franchise. They can introduce a story that cannot be told in a single game. Those who have played Metal Gear Solid games may remember its long tale that took years to see its fruition.

Don?t keep the same protagonists

Let the popular protagonists in the game rest and introduce some new characters. New characters who nobody knows about can be a refreshing change. Players would care to know who these new characters are instead of breaking heads with the old ones. Capcom can also put lesser known characters in the spotlight for a change.

The series? disappointing sales figures indicate that Capcom needs to bring major changes if it intends to deliver a highly engaging experience to players. Resident Evil 7 might come out this sometime this year, and fans are longing for new things to look forward to in the new entry. Fans? speculations on Resident Evil 7 gameplay can also be seen on the Resident Evil forum and other social media platforms.

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