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Resident Evil 7: Why The Game Might Be Better Than Resident Evil 4

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One of Sony?s biggest surprises during its E3 2016 presentation is the announcement of the next Resident Evil game. Since the demo came out, a community has been born with the intent of ?scouring every corner of the small Beginning Hour demo just to uncover more secrets. With a dedicated community already, could Resident Evil 7 be the best in the franchise?

Fans have said for years that Capcom?s horror-survival franchise is more about action sequences now. The last highly praised entry in the series was Resident Evil 4, way back in January 2005 for the GameCube and an October 2015 launch for the PlayStation 2. It has been considered the best Resident Evil game there is.

The Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo is not even close to resembling any previous Resident Evil titles. Aside from being played in the first-person perspective, the next entry is digging into the roots of its horror background and maybe even more. It?s looking scarier than ever and draws a lot of inspiration from the highly acclaimed Silent Hills P.T.

If the demo resembles the full game that releases in January next year, we may be facing one of the best horror experiences yet. It?s unknown how the final game will feel like, but Capcom has assured fans that gunplay will be scarce and they are truly returning to their survival horror roots. While players can fight against their foes, Capcom might still make players feel vulnerable like in other horror games such as Outlast and Amnesia.

As confirmed by Eurogamer, the main game will feature a ?new normal protagonist?. This rules out the possibility of having favorites like Leon, Chris and Jill ?return since they?re very well-rounded fighters.

So far, Resident Evil 7 is receiving high praises. However, fans are still looking for possible uses for the Dummy Finger so we can still get neat surprises, if there?s any. Soon enough, we?ll see if the game will outdo Resident Evil 4.

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