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Resident Evil 7: Fully Controllable Vehicles Confirmed?

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Capcom?s next entry in the survival horror series, Resident Evil, is looking to bring back its horror roots as well as improve series features. The game will launch on Jan. 24 next year, which is still a long way to go. At this point, fans are pretty excited as to what?s ahead, and some have begun speculating about the features Resident Evil 7 will have.

One fan believes that driving may be a vital part in the next Resident Evil. His theory comes after one of the game?s producer answered a question about exploration in the next game.

The question was, ?Why did the development team decide to focus the setting of RE7 to a derelict plantation mansion?? and the producer?s answer is, ?[The mansion] is this one place you are [exploring] …the game isn?t set in a series of corridors in and around this opening area. Again, I can?t go into too much detail, but there?s a little bit more to it than that.?

This led players to believe that there?s more to the game than one area and that getting into the other areas may require the aid of a car. The player also points out that in several parts of the Resident Evil 7 trailer, a white car was featured several times on screen. Some parts even showcased the protagonist actually driving the car. There are several other footages of the car at use, so it?s very likely that cars are a big part in the game. This also means that the game might be set in a semi-open world.

It?s not the first time that Capcom might use vehicles in a Resident Evil game. In Resident Evil 6, there are several chapters wherein players are tasked with using a vehicle to progress the story. The difference is that the stages are linear and players really can?t do much exploring.

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