Resident Evil 7 Endings: All Phone Calls, Multiple Outcomes, And Secrets In The Beginning Hour

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During Sony?s E3 2016 presentation, fans were surprised to finally see Capcom reveal the next entry in the Resident Evil series. Fans were welcomed with a chilling trailer, but an even scarier experience lies in the Resident Evil 7 demo, which is now available on the PS Store. ?The short teaser is full of secrets, but we have you covered with a full guide for all the Resident Evil 7 endings.

Like the infamous Silent Hills P.T., Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour is haunting and filled with secrets that grow by day. Here?s how to achieve all the endings known so far.

Basic Ending

Upon waking up, you can inspect everything inside the house first. You?ll notice that after the dining room is a cabinet locked with chains. Proceed to the area until you reach a bunch of corpses. Among the bodies is a bolt cutter which can be used at the cabinet. Inside the cabinet is a tape that can be played at the TV inside the room the player wakes up in.

Watch and relive the video in the tape but remember the hidden lever. Once you resume control of the player in real-time, pull the lever and enter the secret area. There won?t be a ladder this time around, but a key will be here instead. Use this key in the locked door at the end to ?get out? of the house.

Phone Call Endings

Upon waking up, use the lever instantly and go inside to see a fuse on table at the end. Use this fuse at the fuse box inside the living room. Now leave and head upstairs and find a button labeled ?stairs.? Push this button, and a ladder to the attic will drop down. Proceed to the area and answer the phone call for a different ending.

Another version of this ending can be achieved by getting the key in the secret room first. The difference is there will be a different message for you instead.

Lastly, if you want to check out another phone call ending with a different message, begin the playthrough, get the fuse and head upstairs. This time around, keep looking at the mannequins so they don?t turn to look at you, then answer the phone for another message.

Other Items?

There are a lot of miscellaneous items in the Resident Evil 7 demo, and players are curious as to what these items do. They include the dummy finger and axe. So far, the items seem useless. It?s possible that there?s still more to uncover in the demo, like in P.T.

This Resident Evil 7 demo guide may just be the tip of the iceberg, as we may uncover more secrets soon. Stay tuned here on The BitBag for updates.

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