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Resident Evil 7 Dummy Hand: What To Do With It And The Other New Items In The Twilight Update

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Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger

The Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo received an update recently. The update was revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2016 and is currently available for download across a few regions. There are a few new mysteries in the Twilight update. One of which is a progress on the Dummy Finger. Here?s what we know so far about the Resident Evil 7 Dummy Hand and all other things found in the demo.

Resident Evil 7 Dummy Hand

One of the new items players can pick up in the demo is the Dummy Hand. This item can be combined with the Dummy Finger from before. However, aside from this, players have yet to find exactly where to use the item. It?s likely that it?s mystery won?t become completely unsolved until a new update to the demo arrives. According to Resident Evil 7 producer, Kawada Masachiko, they?ll continue updating the demo. If the Dummy Hand is useless for now, we can expect a few more clues in the next demo update.

Other New Things In The Demo

The update announced at Tokyo Game Show is filled with surprises. There are a lot of new things that players have discovered in the demo again. These items open up new theories and possibly several new endings to the Twilight update. For starters, there are a few new areas that can?t be explored just yet. An example of which is a burned door that budges but does not completely open.

As for new items, players can pick up a handgun ammo, a few new photographs and a new key with a tag that says ?basement key.??Perhaps the biggest new discovery of all is a new phone. dialogue. It says that ?all doors can be opened or they wouldn?t be doors. But some are closed? For now.? This could be a hint towards the burned door opening up either after a specific action or after another update.


Some players believe the Dummy Hand will help players locate?five?gravestones. Either that or the finger should be pointed at the 5 gravestones. We’ll update this article as we discover more secrets.

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