Resident Evil 7 Dummy Hand: Where To Find The 5 Gravestones

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Resident Evil 7

The Resident Evil 7 Twilight demo has opened up even more new mysteries for the upcoming title. There are a lot to take in on the Twilight update, so it?s a bit overwhelming to walk through the entire farmhouse again. Out of all the new mysteries, players may be most interested in the new Resident Evil 7 Dummy Hand.

The Dummy Finger from the original version of the demo gave players a lot of trouble. After the Twilight update, players can now discover a Dummy Hand?in the newly opened room in the Twilight demo. This new item can be combined with the Dummy Finger. The end result is the pointing Dummy Hand using the installed Dummy Finger.

Players believe that this item may either lead to something or may be needed to point something out. Another new thing to see after the update is a writing on the wall that says ?five guests murdered, but where is unknown. Nothing to point to their final gravestones.?

It?s likely that there are five hidden gravestones in the new demo. A theory is that the Dummy Hand combined with the Dummy Finger will point to a new secret. Or to the five gravestones that the writings on the wall point out to. But there are a few more theories other than this.

Resident Evil 7 Dummy Hand Theories

Another theory is that the Resident Evil 7 Dummy Hand should be used to point to the gravestones themselves. This means that players will have to find another way to locate the gravestones.

We?ve yet to know where exactly the gravestones are, but it?s likely to come after a series of actions are done. There?s a new door at the farmhouse that could possibly be opened, and the gravestones could be actually there.

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