Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger: Will The Lantern Demo Solve The Puzzle?

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Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger

A new trailer for Resident Evil 7 is out, and it showed off spooks and chills as usual. It?s easy to get excited about Capcom?s next entry in the beloved franchise, but fans cannot easily forget the troubles they had with the Beginning Hour demo. Hours upon hours were put into discovering the secrets of the farmhouse, but it wasn?t until weeks later that Capcom said that not all secrets will be answered in the demo. Will the possible upcoming demo finally solve the Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger mystery?

The Beginning Hour demo felt quite short and incomplete due to the many unsolved mysteries it had including the Dummy Finger. The Lantern trailer showed off footages from the actual game, but it?s still possible that Capcom would release a new demo called the Lantern, as it did with Desolation TAPE-1.

The Beginning Hour and the Lantern events are also connected, though they happen in different settings. In the Beginning Hour, players were terrorized by Jack Baker in the end. In the Lantern trailer, the character had to face Marguerite Baker. The two are the ?family? that the first demo speaks of, so while the Lantern trailer had parts that will make it to the actual Resident Evil 7, the Beginning Hour is still canon.

Since there?s a relation between the two, it?s possible that the Lantern demo may finally hold all the unanswered questions in the first demo. This includes the infamous Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger.

Capcom didn?t say anything about releasing another demo, but if players look at how the first one played out, it?s almost a given that the Beginning Hour demo is not all there is. The release of Resident Evil 7 is still set for January, so Capcom still has time to release another demo.

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