Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger: ?They Want To Keep These Things As Mysteries,? Says Capcom

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Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger

By now, there are still a lot of players dumbfounded with all of the hidden secrets in the demo for Resident Evil 7. We?re not entirely sure how many secrets or endings there are in the short demo, but we?re still pretty persistent on figuring out all of it. One of the biggest secrets in the game is the mysterious Dummy Finger. Until now, players have yet to find a use for it, and some are starting to believe that the item isn?t worth anything. Is the Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger sending all players on a wild goose chase?

On the first day of the demo, players have already been baffled with a lot of things including the Dummy Finger. Players have worked together just to solve the mystery but to no avail. Stevivor even went as far as emailing Capcom, and it had this to say:

?I can confirm that they wouldn?t be answered by the team at R&D. They want to keep these things as mysteries and keep people guessing about them so they?re not going to issue any answers at this time.?

From Capcom?s answer, we can derive two solutions into figuring out what the Dummy Finger is for; we keep figuring it out on our own or together, or we could let the mystery die down a bit until Capcom decides to either reveal a hint or the solution itself.

Capcom is unwilling to give any hints currently and it?s probably because players are still knee-deep in the demo. If the demo becomes unpopular or players just decide to give up, then we?ll be one step closer to solving the Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger mystery.

Players are both annoyed and impressed at Capcom for creating such a secretive demo, and it seems like it?ll be awhile before the developer is pushed to reveal the mystery.

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