Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger: Crazy Theories That Sounded Plausible

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Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger

Though small and barren, the farmhouse in Resident Evil 7 is not lacking on secrets that are waiting to be uncovered by the players. Until now, players are still wasting countless hours on solving the mysteries of the demo for more secrets or endings, if there are any left. One of the biggest mysteries in the game so far is the Dummy Finger. Fans have gone crazy because of this item, and though some theories are downright wacky, some sound way too good. Here are a few Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger theories that sound plausible.

Feeding It To The Maggots

The Dummy Finger can be acquired in a pool of blood in the farmhouse?s kitchen. Although it looks like a prosthetic limb, the fact that it was lying in a pool of blood made fans think otherwise. One theory was that the Dummy Finger can be fed to the maggots in the kitchen by dangling it over them. After a set time, the object will become gradually smaller until the tip is revealed to be a key.

Dummy Finger And The Mannequins

Right off the bat, players will initially think that the Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger is actually for one of the mannequins in the second floor. It?s a pretty good idea, but the problem is that the mannequins have a complete set of fingers and hands, so there?s no area to place the Dummy Finger in.

It?s Nothing

This is perhaps the best supported theory of all since fans are obviously more frustrated rather than interested in the Dummy Finger. ?Players are starting to believe that the finger is actually a useless item set to pique the interest of players regularly, which it did with ease. Although Capcom has said before that the item is used for something, it could be that the developer was just adding hype to the game.


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