Resident Evil 7 Difficulty: Hardest Game In The Series, Says Capcom

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Later this month, Capcom will be unleashing another scary tale upon us with the seventh installment of the Resident Evil series. We know a lot about the game and it?s very different from what we?ve been playing so far. The next entry is going to pull back the game into its survival roots, and this could mean that the difficulty of Resident Evil 7 could make it the hardest game in the series to date.

In an interview with Xbox: The Official Magazine as per Powerup Gaming, Capcom?s Hajime Horiuchi noted that the upcoming title is more difficult than previous Resident Evil games. Horiuchi added that there will be a focus on inciting fear in the game.

Previous Resident Evil games have been reliant on jump scares. Aside from that, past titles have also been more fast-paced and filled with action rather than suspense. Based on what we?ve seen so far, Resident Evil 7 is indeed scary. In fact, it?s the scariest the series has ever looked. When it comes to the fear factor, the game channels the likes of Outlast and Amnesia.

Capcom To Give You Anxieties

?We wanted to focus more on the aspect of fear. We worried that if the game?s too easy and these enemy encounters aren?t too big of a deal then players aren?t going to feel that tension, not going to feel that anxiety. We wanted to make sure that even if you?re pitted up in a one versus one situation, that one enemy is capable of killing you,? said Horiuchi.

Resident Evil fans may have gotten used to fending off against hordes and hordes of zombies. With Resident Evil 7 being an entirely new experience, we?re excited to see how hard and scary the game is. The game will launch on Jan. 27 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will also be playable from beginning to end using PlayStation VR.

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