Resident Evil 7 Demo: Twilight Beginning Hour Version Out Today, New Tape 2 Included?

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Resident Evil 7 Demo

Capcom recently announced another Resident Evil 7 Demo titled ?Twilight Version?. This new demo can be downloaded later today. Potentially, this new demo continues the Beginning Hour Teaser so players can uncover more about the game?s story. Here?s what we know so far.

Beginning Hour Continued

According to Dusk Golem?s thread on Neogaf, the ?Twilight Version? demo will be available for all PS4 users to download on the PlayStation store. The previous Beginning Hour was known to be exclusive to PS Plus users which made the demo inaccessible to most fans. Fans should play the next Resident Evil 7 demo if they want to know what happens next.

Twilight Version leaked

Previously, a Resident Evil 7 leak came out before the Twilight Version and the recent trailer got revealed. Players were able to confirm weapons in the game like the Handgun, Knife and Shotgun.

However, the weapons seem to be ineffective as the foes tend to be extremely resilient to damage and still continue attacking even when burning. Technically, this poses a question if Resident Evil 7 will return to its older Zombie horror roots or take up yet another spin to the game?s viruses.

Tape 2

Despite the reveals, the Resident Evil 7 story is still far from making sense as the events are still too surreal to understand. At one point, the Baker family seems to be eating innards in a dirty dining room like it was normal.

There were no signs of any zombie or Plaga so far, just a creepy household where the father can survive almost any damage thrown his way. For now, players should opt to find any signs of the second type in which the players will dive into again to find more secrets about the Baker household.

Players should opt to wait to get their updated version of the Resident Evil 7 demo. The new teaser will surely progress the story, but we?ll have to know if it?ll allow players to engage with foes or it?ll just be another dead end.

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