Resident Evil 7 Demo Trailer: Scenes Not Available In Full Game

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Capcom revealed Resident Evil 7 at E3 2016, and it also released a P.T. like demo called Beginning Hour. Players have yet to fully uncover all the secrets in the demo that according to Capcom is not part of the full Resident Evil 7 game launching in January next year. The Resident Evil 7 demo teaser trailer shows off scenes we?re all already familiar with by playing the demo, but there are other scenes we?ve yet to see.

There are still parts of the trailer that weren?t seen yet by all those who have played the demo. It?s possible that these scenes will make it to the full game as Capcom previously told GameSpot that parts of the trailer were from it. It?s also likely that some parts of the trailer are for the other hidden endings of the demo.

One of the notable scenes is the part where we see the presumed protagonist being dragged into the farmhouse by an unknown figure who seems to be carrying a woman on his shoulder. This can be seen a few seconds past the second minute mark of the trailer.

Some Redditors also pointed out that there are some scenes from the trailer which are obviously taken from the demo. As one player points out, a scene of Pete saying, ?I?m gonna end up like Andre? is not yet discovered by any player yet, opening up more speculations for other endings.

Perhaps the most mysterious scene from the trailer happens at the 1:26 mark when a mysterious figure walks past the hallway. Oddly enough, the figure?s outfit looks similar to the one worn by the other unknown figure dragging the player outside, so it?s possible that these two are one.

Analyzing the trailer, we can easily say that there are more hidden endings in the Resident Evil 7 demo, so there might actually be a use for the infamous Dummy Finger. ?But as Capcom said before, some parts of the trailer are from the full game, so we should also ease up on the demo.

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