Resident Evil 7 Demo: QR Code In Mirror Leads To New Clues?

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The clues hidden in the demo of Resident Evil 7 are growing day by day, and they are becoming downright amazing as well. From the reversible audio to hidden voices, Capcom exerted a lot of effort to make sure that players leave no stone unturned in the demo. A new clue now is perhaps the best hidden one yet, and all players need is a copy of the Resident Evil 7 demo and a QR code scanner to get to it.

Redditor Kennfletch states that the mirror inside the farmhouse in the Resident Evil 7 demo actually has QR code in it. At first glance, the mirror looks just a bit on the dirty side so it?s hard to notice the QR code itself, but a few players have proven that there is indeed a QR code in the mirror.

If scanned properly, the QR code allegedly leads to a pharmaceutical website called Assaypro. Take note though that scanning the mirror is a tough job. Be sure to look out for dots in the mirror first when taking a pic using the QR scanner.

The logo of the website looks like the logo for the Umbrella Corporation. The logo for Assaypro has six triangles, while Umbrella has eight. The colors of the two logos are also different, but there?s no doubt that both resemble one another. Another thing to point out is that Assaypro is a provider of immunological kits and reagents, making it even closer than it already is to the lore of Resident Evil.

Assaypro even has a Facebook page that?s pretty detailed. Oddly enough, the latest post was from way back in March, and the time frame between each post is far apart as well. It does not, however, have a Wikipedia page. Players have begun pointing out that the website allows the common person to get ahold of high-value items, so there are a lot of things that don?t add up.

There?s currently a huge debate as to whether or not the mirror theory is real, but searching the Facebook page and website of Assaypro would lead one to believe that only someone or a company with a lot of money can devise something this close to Resident Evil. One thing is for sure though, it?s impossible for only a troll to create such an intricate set of data.

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