Resident Evil 7 Demo: Hidden Ending Hinted By Phone Message?

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We?re still going crazy in finding out all of the secrets hidden in the farmhouse of the demo for Resident Evil 7. If there are any secrets left, Capcom did a good job of hiding them in the Resident Evil 7 demo. Players worldwide have been scouring every nook and cranny of the demo to figure out what to do. A new theory suggests that the secret ending has a clue within one of the phone messages.

Most of the known endings in the demo are achieved by getting inside the hidden room immediately upon starting the game. Doing so leads the player to answer a telephone, which upon answering, will give a message. There is a total of three messages. One player points out that one of the messages is a clue to getting another ending.

The message in question is ?Memories hold the truth. Don?t let appearances mislead you.?

Memories might refer to the VHS tape that the player picks up inside the cabinet. The events in the VHS actually happened before the new victim wakes up inside the farmhouse. The second sentence may refer to the inconsistencies between the two versions of the farmhouse.

Some players point out that the two farmhouse are in different locations, and one is just the replica of the other. However, if it?s the same house, there are indeed some inconsistencies between the two. For starters, the house in the VHS is less morbid. There weren?t corpses at the front door. Also, the cabinet containing the VHS is already chained up, even before the VHS.

New theories suggest that the player has to be on the lookout for the differences in the two houses to get closer to the secret ending. The new theories are pretty plausible, but no one is yet to see the importance of the phone message. Hopefully, this new clue helps us solve the mystery of the Resident Evil 7 demo.

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