Resident Evil 7 Daughters Guide: How To Get The True Ending And Bad Ending

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Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2
Source: Resident Evil 7 biohazard: TAPE-0 – “Banned Footage” DLC Official Trailer video

The Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLCs are now available and there are a few ways to enjoy the game again. The DLC pack is once again home to a few scares and thrills, but the highlight of it is the story focused expansion. The Resident Evil 7 Daughters DLC, for example, is one tough nut to crack as it has two endings.

The Resident Evil 7 Daughters DLC is yet another puzzling piece of adventure from Capcom. The DLC will have two endings, the True and the Bad ending, and getting them are important for completionists and trophy hunter alike. The Resident Evil 7 Daughters DLC shows the events that led to the Baker family’s demise.

Bad Ending

Zoe, controlled by the player, will first need to head to the laundry room to collect the Change of Clothes atop the bench. Once done, the Change of Clothes will then be given to the girl in the Kid’s Room upstairs. After this, players will need to look for Lucas in the Dining Area. After finding Lucas, players will need to look for Marguerite who is inside the bathroom.

Head to the garage and get the rope then back to the bathroom again to find Marguerite and Jack. Head to the Recreation Room and secure the door with the rope. Next, go to the room on the side and look for the fork which is to be used to take out the nails in the boarded-up window. Leave through the window then walk along the veranda; there will be a board at the end which should be pulled off.

Go through the door and into the Main Hall and sneak past Marguerite, then unlock the double doors to the main house. Grab the Car Key and head past the Laundry Room and Jack then head inside the crawl space. Sneak past the kitchen and Jack and then interact with the car to witness the bad ending.

True Ending

Go to the pantry and through the crawl space and grab the lock pick. Next, collect the Change of Clothes again. Go to the bathroom and collect the Small Component inside the drawer. Head to the Kid’s Room and use the Small Component on the trophy. Head to the attic and interact with the laptop; the password is 1019. Do the steps from the bad ending up until the veranda. In the veranda, there will be a small gap that players should squeeze through for the Dog Head Relief. Head past the Main Hall and open the front door with the Dog Head Relief. Head to the trailer and interact with the item Mia is holding. After that, the True Ending should be achieved.

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