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Resident Evil 7 Datamine Spoilers: What We Know About Albert Wesker’s Possible Return

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Resident Evil 7 Datamine

Recently, the Resident Evil 7 demo was datamined and fans found out more about the game?s items, weapons, enemies, and a lot of details about each chapter in the game. Also, fans and dataminers found hints of the longtime Resident Evil villain, Albert Wesker, in the game?s files. Here?s what we know so far about Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil 7 datamine files.

Resident Evil 7 Datamine

As seen on Jawmuncher?s thread on NeoGAF, the Resident Evil 7 datamine leaks a lot of the game?s content. Names of weapons, areas, NPCs, and even chapter events have also been discovered through the leaks. Previously, a Capcom official post confirmed that they?ve done measures in the demo to prevent the leaks. However, we?ve yet to confirm if the leaked information are true as of the moment.

Albert Wesker Files

In the Resident Evil 7 datamine files, a code tagged with ?Albert? was found, which could be Resident Evil?s villain Wesker himself. Albert is Wesker?s first name, and no other character has been named such in the series thus far. Wesker?s plan is ?global saturation? wherein he intends to improve humanity through human experimentation and mutation. Wesker didn?t appear in Resident Evil 6 as he supposedly died in Resident Evil 5, but his voice can be heard?in Resident Evil Umbrella Corps, which is set after the events of Resident Evil 6. Wesker?s character is depicted as a force of nature and manages to return regardless of the damage he takes. ?

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No Appearance

However, the dataminers note that his guns are the only ones that appear in Resident Evil 7. In his appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom, Wesker uses a Desert Eagle-like pistol to shoot his enemies, so it might be a strong handgun in the game. So far, nobody knows if the ?Handgun_Albert_Reward? and the?Shotgun_Albert? are actual weapons or if it really belongs to Albert Wesker.

For now, the Resident Evil 7 datamine just mentions the villain?s name many times. In the game?s trailers, only the Baker family members are shown as the antagonists of the game as the protagonist tries to escape the house. Players may just hold on to the hope that he makes an appearance in the game.

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