Resident Evil 7 Basement Key Theories That Could Be True

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Resident Evil 7

Out of all the new items in the Resident Evil 7 demo, the Basement Key could be the most mysterious of them all. This item found at the attic opened up a lot of possibilities for players, and many are now looking for the item?s purpose. Like last June?s Dummy Finger craze, players are going wild in figuring out the use for the Resident Evil 7 Basement Key. Here are a few to take note of.

The Locked Door

One of the major changes in the Resident Evil 7 Twilight update is the locked and burnt door near the first room. It shakes and it rattles, so it?s obvious that there?s something behind it. The room isn?t exactly in the basement, so the key isn?t for that door. However, it?s possible that players can get access to a basement that could have the right key for the locked door.

Another Way Out

For now, there is one way out of the horrific farmhouse. The only way for now is through the backdoor. However, the Twilight update opened up a new possibility which is through the window in?the attic. Leaving through the back door will get players sucker punched by Jack Baker. The window on the attic on the other hand, is a dead end for now. The Resident Evil 7 Basement Key could be another way out for the protagonist, but we might have to wait till the next demo update for a definite answer.

A Door At The Secret Area In The Fireplace

During the demo?s VHS segment, the film crew is taken to an underground level after a few actions. For now, this area is what we have that?s close to a basement. It?s possible that there?s something more in the area. Something vital to the escape of the player.

Since there are a lot of dead ends in the demo for now, we will have to wait for the next update. Hopefully, we won?t have to wait too long for Capcom to release it.

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