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Resident Evil 7: Albert Wesker’s Return Hinted In Umbrella Corps?

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While most Resident Evil fans are concentrating on finally solving the secrets of the farmhouse in the Resident Evil 7 demo, there are a few who are currently playing the spin-off title, Umbrella Corps. The game is set after the events of Resident Evil 6, and despite being a refreshing new take on the franchise, it still draws a lot from Resident Evil. The game might?ve even revealed the comeback of the series? notorious villain in Resident Evil 7.

The game centers around Umbrella soldiers collecting data for the organization. In the game?s single player component, players have to play through the game?s several areas. When they reach the Los Pueblos village from Resident Evil 4, Abraham Jackson, an Umbrella scientist, comments that a man who was there before will be watching. One of the two male survivors from Resident Evil 4 is none other than Leon Kennedy and Albert Wesker.

In the game?s multiplayer mode, Abraham Jackson and another character, Beatrice Bertrand, will comment on the player?s performance, mocking the player if the team loses or praising him if the team wins. However, if the player?s team completely dominates the opposing team, Abraham will speak to another person, someone whose voice may be familiar to series? fans.

The voice will say, ?That was… satisfactory.? Rely On Horror points out that it is undeniably the voice of D.C. Douglas, the man who plays Albert Wesker.

Wesker died at the hands of Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5. In Resident Evil 6, Jake Wesker or Jake Muller confirms that his father did in fact die at the hands of Chris.

We won?t be surprised if Albert Wesker does return as the villain in Resident Evil 7. He?s been known to tinker with the virus strains for his own gain. We?ll have to wait till January to see if Resident Evil?s legendary villain does make a comeback.

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