Resident Evil 5 Midnight Launch Event “March Of The Living Dead” A Disappointment?

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Tonight staff went out to our local GameStop to check out the Resident Evil 5 midnight launch event.  Gamestop had an ad campaign asking customers to come to each launch location dressed up as zombies.  Passing out fliers to customers and people that had pre-ordered. We thought this would be a very interesting and fun concept and just had to see it for ourselves.  Days prior to the event this location had said they had great feedback from customers that pre-ordered the game and were expecting quite a few “zombies”.

From what we saw the event was a huge flop, and it is unfortunate too because I thought this was actually a cool idea by Gamestop.  Personally I am not a Gamestop fan, but I thought seeing a few dozen people dressed and acting like zombies walking around a mall would have been cool to film.  The event was a total failure in our eyes, some of our other contacts that visited other launch locations had similar news to report. Dead. And no not zombies, just nobody.  Read

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