Resident Evil 2 Remake E3 2017 Listed By Official E3 Site

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Resident Evil 2 Remake
Source: Resident Evil 2 Remake – Special Message from Producer “H” video

The official E3 2017 site has listed Resident Evil 2 Remake in its top upcoming games list. Does this guarantee Leon and Claire’s appearance at E3? Here’s what we know about the game’s possible reveal at E3 2017. 

E3 Listing

As seen on the official E3 main page, Resident Evil 2 Remake is indeed on the site, but no other information can be found on it. Even Capcom made no announcements about a Resident Evil game appearing at E3.

The official top 10 upcoming games list isn’t actually an original list from E3. Clicking any of the titles lead to Gamespot’s website. This same list is even found on GameSpot’s home page, which means it’s simply one of their readers’most searched games. E3 might have only placed GameSpot’s list to show what gamers are excited to see at the show. 

If Resident Evil 2 Remake will truly appear at E3, gamers can expect to see it at Sony’s E3 2017 press conference on June 12. Sony teased a huge comeback for Japanese game developers, so Capcom is definitely a candidate. Additionally, Capcom teased Resident Evil 2 on their social media accountsso that’s something worth noting.

Chances of a reveal

Development on Capcom’s remake started in 2015but Capcom hasn’t actively updated the fans about the title. Fans will have to wait until all the major press conferences are over before its E3 appearance could be ruled out. While Capcom can stealthily announce this game during E3 week, it’s a definitely a game fitting for the big stage.

Along with Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil 2 is one of the most heavily requested titles to get remade on today’s consoles. This title featured tank controls, a system that made controlling characters feel cumbersome due to its difficult control scheme and slow gameplay. Long-time Resident Evil fans would like to see how Capcom would remake this classic title. While Resident Evil 7 was successful, Capcom’s shift to a first-person perspective bewildered series fans.

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