?Resident Evil 2′ Remake Confirmed! Early Stages Of Development, Capcom Gets Ideas From Fan-made Projects, More Details Revealed!

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That?s right, the classic PlayStation One game is finally getting a remake

After teasing the fans from their Facebook Pagea few days ago, the Resident Evil team, led by Capcom?s R&D Division 1 Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, better known as ?H?, as he officially announced that Resident Evil 2 is finally getting a remake treatment.

While wearing a white shirt with ?We do It!? written on it, Hirabayashi thanked the fans who continually supported and said that they have waited for the game to be remade, and finally it is happening.

He also stated that the project is now on its early phases of development and it will take some time to show new updates about the remake.

A few days ago, the Resident Evil page asked their fans for suggestions if they decided to make a Resident Evil 2 remake, of course a lot of the fans responded well to the inquiry. Then Hirabayashi shared a photo on Facebook that he is trying to pitch the project to their boss at Capcom for approval, which sparked the hype for long-time Resident Evil fans, but the decision to launch a remake was not just because on the fan?s demand.

A large possible contribution was because of the sudden spread of a fan-made project to launch a Resident Evil 2 remake where the creator used some of the assets from the Resident Evil 2?s stage level in the Wii shooter game Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles.

Despite the announcement, there were no indication on which it will be launched, but if following the same pattern from the recent Resident Evil game releases, it is likely that it will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Also announced as one of their projects, Resident Evil Zero (which was a Nintendo Gamecube exclusive) will be getting an HD remaster launch. The first Resident Evil HD Remaster was launched in January for the home consoles and PC and became the faster selling digital game for Capcom in North America and Europe.

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