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Replenish your worn out undies with styles fit for a modern Queen

Bring out your inner vixen with these sexy subscription box

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Let’s admit it. Most of us, if not all, have drawers full of outdated and tattered undies. No judgment, though! Life tends to get so busy that we lack the time (and the budget, to be honest) to visit stores and shop dozens of bras regularly.

Empress Mimi Lingerie Subscription Box is full of whimsical and sexy wire-free lingerie designed to inspire and empower modern women. No more painful underwires or awkward fitting rooms, just gorgeous matching lingerie sets that fit perfectly, every time.

This subscription box allows you to save time, money, and effort while looking and feeling like an empress every day. Because really, who needs expensive clothes when you’ll likely to break it when things get too frisky. ? These lingeries are made for comfort so you always have something conveniently fabulous to wear underneath.