Replace Your Laptop With An iPad. Is It Possible?

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Replace Your Laptop With An iPad. Is It Possible?


A lot of friends and family members have often asked me whether they can replace their laptop with a tablet, more specifically, the current leader and top of the heap, the iPad Air.

Since I use a Macbook Air and an iPad at the same time, I have a pretty good idea on how it will affect most people who want to take advantage of the convenience of a tablet, with the functionality of a laptop.

I still remember the time when people would ask me if they could ditch their desktop and work on a laptop full time so that they could bring their ?work machine? with them wherever they want. Eventually, the performance and functionality of the laptops caught up with the desktops (except for a few desktops that are used for ?really serious hardcore? computing) that it made the question obsolete.


The logic is pretty much the same. The reasons why most people eventually used laptops instead of desktops will also hold true in the case of the tablet versus the laptop.

It will all boil down to 3 things:

  1. What you need and use.
  2. Apps and software.
  3. Which tablet.


1. The first item ? what you need and use. We have to ask ourselves ?if the work or activities we do on our laptop will be easily accomplished on a tablet. Will the absence of a keyboard and a mouse / trackpad affect your productivity and performance? Will an iPad keyboard and trackpad accessory fix this or will this negate the portability of the tablet?

For me, if a keyboard and trackpad ?are essential, I prefer using a laptop than lugging and connecting accessories just to be able to type my articles and surf the web properly. If your work however is limited to short messages and casual browsing, a tablet with its built in on-screen keyboard might just be the convenient device to lug around.


2. Apps and software – Do you use specific Office Software ? Microsoft, iWork, Open Office?

If you are dependent on certain software that may not run on an iPad, then you are better off with a Macbook Air or other laptops. This is especially true if you use even more task specific software like photo or video editing tools. I personally use certain open source software for finance and desktop publishing that will run on my Macbook but not on my iPad. On the other hand, there are a myriad of wonderful apps for the iPad (and for Android and Windows tablets as well) that can meet your needs. This will make the tablet a good choice to use as your main device. Note: Rumors are circulating that Microsoft will be releasing an office suite for the iPad. If this is true, then it will mean another plus mark for the iPad.


3. Which tablet? – Although few will argue that the iPad, specifically the iPad Air, is the best choice for many tablet users, it does not mean that it is the right one for you. Again, it will depend on your needs and what app or software your work requires. It is a given that the Apple App Store has the most number of apps available but the Android app stores as well as the Microsoft app store may contain the tools that might be more applicable to your needs, especially if you have to deal with other people who use the same platform on their desktop or laptop devices.


Also, many non-Apple tablets are hybrids that can transform from a desktop / laptop system to a tablet like magic. This device might be the one to provide you with the functionality of the laptop and the convenience of a tablet that you are envisioning.


The bottom line is, do not force the issue.

The iPad Air and other tablets, do offer the wonderful convenience especially if you are always on the road. But, it will not mean anything if your productivity and performance will suffer.

iPad Air or Laptop?

It all depends on you, what you need and use, and ultimately, the quality of work you do with it.

Video: Can iPad replace Laptops (Chris Pirillo / YouTube)


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