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Repay your credit card debt earlier with this AI-powered app

Avoid late payment fees, too.

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  • AI bots that create a personalized debt repayment plan for free.
  • Low-interest line of credit that could help you save a lot of money on credit card interest payments.
  • Late Fee Protection program that could save you from late payment fees and negative credit impact.
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If you get tangled in a vicious credit card debt cycle early on in life, your financial aspirations could get delayed by years. That could mean saying goodbye to that solid retirement egg nest and goodbye to that new house or car!

If 2022 is the year you’ve promised to get rid of your credit card debt, Tally can help speed things up. 

Save thousands of dollars in the long run.

If you can lower your effective interest rate on your outstanding credit card balance every month, you could save up to thousands of dollars over years and significantly cut down your debt repayment tenure.

If you have a credit score of 660 and above, the Tally app offers a low-interest line of credit starting at 7.9 percent, depending on your credit score. All of your credit card balances will be transferred to your new line of credit and Tally will pay your creditors on your behalf. All you have to do is make a single payment to Tally each month. Think of it like converting all your credit cards into one… but with a low-interest rate. This way, you can start saving money on interest from day one.

Avoid late fees and lower credit scores.

Tally’s Late Fees Protection program will send you automated reminders before your payment deadline. If you are unable to make the payment for some reason, Tally will pay on your behalf before the deadline to keep your credit score safe. You can then pay Tally at a later date. (Make sure to stay current on your accounts to keep availing of this feature, though.)

Tally offers an easy sign-up process on their intuitive app where you may link your credit cards through their 256-bit encrypted channel to understand if you are eligible for a low-interest line of credit. Moreover, Tally’s AI bots will curate a personalized debt repayment plan for you with a projected debt-free date if you make monthly payments based on their recommendations. 

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