ReLife Manga Chapter 136: Cool Down and Heat Up

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ReLife Manga
Fan Art of Hishiro – ReLife Manga

As the manga releases its 136th chapter, fans are becoming more vocal on what they feel about the series. In forums, fans collectively agree that ReLife Manga is about maturity, growing up, and the values people should uphold once they become an adult. Though serious-sounding, these themes were still interpreted in a fun and down-to-earth manner, something which both adults and young adults can relate with. For adult readers, it gives them a nostalgic feeling –what could have we done differently or we wish we can go back in time too and relive our youth. Meanwhile, younger fans of this manga are probably beginning to become fearful of adulthood by now. So hopefully they don?t take for granted time spent in school and relationships with other people.

In the latest chapter of ReLife Manga, we find Hishiro?recovering in her home. Unfortunately (and much to our dismay) our prediction from the last chapter did not happen and we were still unable to see a confession from the two main characters. In this chapter, Onoya also visits Hishiro, bringing with her food from friends. She updates and reports to Hishiro that everyone is working together and that she should just put more trust in her companions. Onoya adds that she needs to focus on getting better soon, so that she will be able to join everyone and help. Soon after, Hishiro realizes that she has been putting too much focus on the results when it comes to work. She also admits that she has the tendency to disregard the feelings of other people, always opting to follow her own volition and do what she wants to do.

In her enlightened state, Hishiro realizes that everyone is worried about her and becomes thankful. Happily, she devours the ice cream in the last page.

Meanwhile, in school, Kaizaki learns that the class money is missing and everyone knows that handling it was Hishiron?s responsibility. This causes the whole class to panic.?

ReLife Manga

ReLife Chapter 136


Somebody stole the class money, who is it? Is someone trying to frame Hishiro? Will the class hate her because of this? What will Kaizaki do? We?d like to hear about your theories! Post them below.

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