ReLife Chapter 139 Spoilers: Hishiro Tries to Confess to Kaizaki

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ReLife Chapter 139

Hishiro did well during chapter 138. She was able to finally communicate and understand how working together with others is important. Thanks to Kaizaki for being a good role model to Hishiro, we can now see her progressing to be more friendly and trusting towards other people in the next ReLife Chapter 139 and beyond.

Chapter 138 Recap: This chapter follows the ?Who stole the class money? incident. Learning that Hishiro had the money all along, Kaizaki decides to defend Hishiro by taking the blame and telling the class that he was the one at fault – and that he had the money. Seeing that the class was very forgiving towards Kaizaki, Hishiro felt envious and started to be aware of what she was lacking as a person. Because of this newfound confidence to end her bad habits, Hishiro tells the class the truth and asks them to give her a second chance. Very boldly, she apologizes and admits that she was wrong and was being selfish.

ReLife Chapter 139

ReLife 138

It seems that Hishiro?s friends and Onoya, her ReLife support, are pleased to see this new Hishiro. We can expect that the next chapter will be a sneak peek of the school festival. And we know what school festivals are known for! School festivals?in anime/manga are usually a good (and common) setting for romantic confessions. So fans are guessing that maybe in this series, since Hishiro has gotten a good character build up, she would be the one to confess to Kaizaki and it will be during this school event.

Also, fans in discussion boards are now speculating how this series will end. Hopefully we do get a happy ending just to appease our hearts with all the emotional buffet this series has given us since its debut. Though if you are an avid manga-reader, you are well aware that Japanese manga seldom go for happy endings. They always choose the ending that has more impact. Fans are hoping that when the tragic moment comes (if there is one), and the ReLife experiment ends, both Kaizaki and Hishiro will find each other in the adult world and fall in love (again).

So do you think the class will give Hishiro another chance? Let?s find out on ReLife Chapter 139.

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