ReLife Chapter 135 Understanding Your Heart: A Review

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Relife Chapter 135
Relife Chapter 135

While still feeling unwell in the nurse?s clinic, Hishiro struggles to listen to Kaizaki?s suggestions on how she should try to put more trust in other people by working and relying on them. ReLife Chapter 135 transports us to Hishiro?s life before the experiment.


It was revealed that Hishiro was the type of employee who does her work diligently, too diligently, that it actually does not give her merit in any way. Her co-workers constantly talk behind her back saying how she keeps undermining everyone else?s work and causing trouble for them.


In Hishiro?s mind, she believes that she is only doing the right thing. And because the rest are just so inefficient, Hishiro needs to take over and do it for them. It seems that the problem with Hishiro is her incapacity to rely or consult with others. She tends to work on her own, even though she does it well, causing disruptions in the balance and morale of the whole office. ?


After being dismissed from jobs one after another, Hishiro is still reluctant to change her attitude. With nowhere else to go, this leads her to join the ReLife experiment. Remembering the events, Hishiro apologizes out loud (to her old self maybe) for not being able to change. This surprises Kaizaki, who thinks she was responding to him, only to find out that Hishiro was just talking in her sleep.

Relife Chapter 135

Relife Manga Chapter 135


The troubled expression on Hishiro?s face makes Kaizaki say and believe that she was wrong to think that. He tells the sleeping Hishiro that she did change and is actually doing better than before. Onoya, her ReLife support, also thinks there has been good progress with her.


In the next chapter, fans are thinking about the possibility that while Hishiro is still sick and sleep-talking (with Kaizaki watching over her), she will unconsciously blurt out that she is also a subject of the ReLife experiment. Thus, ending Kaizaki?s issues with falling in love with a minor. Let?s find out soon!


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