ReLife 158 Spoilers and Chapter 157 Recap: Ohga?s Secret; The Break Up with Kariu

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Relife 158 Spoilers

Chapter 157 is out now! Here is a recap and spoilers for ReLife 158.

Chapter 157 Recap

During break, Kariu reveals to Hishiro and Tamarai that Ohga hates her. She starts to vent out her frustrations on how the two of them never act like a couple. They rarely go out on dates or even hold hands.

While Kariu is saying all of this, Hishiro?s mind wandered to her own feelings for Kaizaki. Her mind was filled with negativity on how a 30-year-old unemployed adult could be having illicit feelings towards a high school boy. Hishiro suddenly became gloomy.

Kariu continues saying that Ohga is avoiding her and because of his part-time job, always refuses her invitation to go out. Which is why she assumes that her boyfriend hates her. Tamarai then wonders why Ohga would need a part-time job at a time like this, even when he has a silver pin.

Suddenly, together with Tamarai, Kariu becomes suspicious on why Ohga would need a lot of money. She adds that ever since they started going out, the distance between them grew bigger. She feels that she might be the only one in love.

Relife 158 Spoilers

A One-Sided Love

Upon hearing Kariu?s words, Hishiro felt a sting as if she and Kariu were in the same situation. Tamarai then suggests that Kariu should try being direct with Ohga. After all, he is a bit slow when it comes to this topic.

Meanwhile, Ohga also confides his similar feelings for Kariu to Onoya and Kaizaki. He too feels that Kariu must hate him. As his girlfriend is always being persistent in wanting to go out and buy stuff even when she knows he had to work. Onoya and Kaizaki make it clear for him that Kariu is just asking him out on a date.

This surprised Ohga, but then due to his circumstances, he admits to being a neglectful boyfriend. He feels that he often ends up making Kariu angry and displeased. In ReLife 158, surely Ohga will reveal a secret about why he needs to work instead of going out with his girlfriend.

ReLife 158 Spoilers

Some say that this might lead to another misunderstanding and that Ohga will probably break up with Kariu. Not because of a lack of feelings, but maybe due to not being able to make Kariu happy. Ohga might perhaps feel that he should deal with his problem alone. Hopefully Kariu?s stubbornness will give her boyfriend the confidence to rely on her instead of distancing himself.

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