ReLife 155 Spoilers: ReLife Program Ending? Kaizaki Confesses During Graduation?

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ReLife 155 Spoilers

In chapter 154, Kaizaki finally admits to Yaoke that he?s in love with Hishiro. Can he convince him to confess? Here is a recap of chapter 154 and spoilers for ReLife 155.

Kaizaki?s Feelings

Yoake and Kaizaki continue their conversation about Hishiro and the school. Yaoke tries to hint to Kaizaki that Hishiro treats him special. Yaoke asks Kaizaki why he was more soft to the guys that bullied Hishiro compared to when Yaoke taunted him. Kaizaki said that he did not want Hishiro to be dragged in a mess. But truthfully, he admits to really be struggling on the inside.

Kaizaki says he tried very hard to control himself and keep Hishiro safe, though he ended up holding her so casually. This is where he confesses ?a good adult should at least be embarrassed about falling in love with a high school girl.? He adds that he doesn?t want to hold back anymore.

Once the ReLife program ends, all their memories will be erased. Kaizaki resolves that he doesn?t want to have regrets and that he prefers the remaining time he has to be filled with laughter and smiles.

A Confession?

Yaoke agrees with what Kaizaki said and teases him about confessing his feelings to Hishiro. However, Kaizaki refuses and says he wouldn?t go that far. Yaoke argues that he will have more regrets by not taking action. Kaizaki agrees for a moment but then remembers his dark past. He is still hung up on what happened to his senpai and was thinking that maybe if he hadn?t done anything, she would still be alive.

Yaoke begins to let him understand life as taking risk and experiencing things. Only by gathering experiences will you be equipped to understand how to protect yourself. Doing nothing will lead you to a boring life.

In the end, Yaoke continues to tease Kaizaki to confessing. Saying that he can?t be satisfied being close to her unless he?s one of those ?love herbivores? who does not like taking risks in relationships. ?Can you even call yourself a man?? Yaoke asks.

ReLife 155 Spoilers

In ReLife 155, the next highlight event would be their class graduation. Some say Kaizaki and Hishiro will confess to each other during this event. Unfortunately, once the ReLife program ends, their memories will be erased. Fans hope that the ending of this series will include Kaizaki and Hishiro meeting in their adult form.

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