ReLife 146 Spoilers and 145 Recap: Kaizaki Breaks Down

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ReLife 146 Spoilers

Fans of ReLife are getting worried that the manga series will come to an end very soon. Rumor has it that there are only 11 chapters left before they conclude the series. More so, chapter 145 was full of flashbacks, which is a red flag for either an impending character death (of course this won?t happen in ReLife) or a build-up to the conclusion of the story or arc. Here is a chapter 145 recap and ReLife 146 spoilers.

Chapter 145 opens with Kaizaki and Kairu on the rooftop. Kairu confronts Kaizaki about his actions and lets him know that she is aware that Kaizaki is avoiding them. Kaizaki attempts to make excuses saying that he wanted to let Ohga and Kairu have their alone time as well as saying he also needed to rest and study. The ever fierce Kairu did not buy any of Kaizaki?s excuses.

As predicted from our previous post, Kairu?s aggressiveness works, and eventually her words get through Kaizaki. Kairu reminds Kaizaki that he was the one who said that they (the class) should do everything they can now because they will all become adults soon. They will also regret the next few months, later in the future, if they don?t try hard enough to get involved or enjoy themselves. Kairu questions Kaizaki, being the person who said all this, why is it that he?s doing the complete opposite and moving away from everyone?

Kairu is unstoppable and Kaizaki is bewildered by how much Kairu seems to be affected by his actions. She continues by enumerating all the good things that happened to her and to everyone, all because he was there. Even though not knowing fully the reason for Kaizaki?s actions, Kairu ends up saying ?Don?t run away!? Kaizaki is stunned by these words. Cue flashback.

Kaizaki realizes what Yoake has been telling him all along. That even if he disappears in the end, the moments will live on inside of them (his classmates and friends) somehow. Living your life to the fullest is not meaningless after all. The chapter ends with Kaizaki?s tears falling down his face.

ReLife 146 Spoilers

In ReLife 146, expect Kaizaki to open up to Kairu about his feelings.

Perhaps about how sad he has become knowing that he?ll be gone after the school year ends.

With a new found courage, Kaizaki will also run to Hishiro and apologize to her. Hopefully, Yoake has not made a move yet on Hishiro, causing another conflict to brew.

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