ReLife 142 Spoilers and Chapter 141 review: Breaking Down Kaizaki?s Feelings; Yaoke Steals Hishiro?

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ReLife 142

It is the day before the Aoba High School Festival and the whole school is preparing for it. Thankfully, our Kaizaki is back and working with everyone again. Here is a chapter 141 review, as well as some ReLife 142 spoilers.

Everyone seems to be busy for the opening of the school festival and Kaizaki Arata, who previously took a break from spending time with everyone, is now back to his good self (or so we thought). Hishiro approaches Kaizaki for him to try on his butler costume and Kaizaki reports back that it fits well.

When Hishiro noticed that Kaizaki?s collar was not in place, she tried to reach for it and Kaizaki begins to panic, slapping Hishiro?s hand away. This surprised readers and Hishiro as well. Not knowing what to think of it, Hishiro apologizes and leaves Kaizaki alone. Hishiro is seen feeling hurt and her heart was throbbing really bad.

ReLife 142

So why would Kaizaki react that way? After snapping out from his panicked state, Kaizaki knows in his mind that he needs to apologize, but his voice eluded him and Hishiro was fast in walking away. It is easier to decipher what Hishiro is feeling, since her character is known to be naive when it comes to love. But Kaizaki is somehow unpredictable. Kaizaki seems to be conflicted by the following:

  • ReLife will end soon and his new friends will lose memories of him. So why bother exerting effort?
  • In real-life, Kaizaki is a 27-year old adult. It is not right (and also illegal by the way) to have feelings for a minor. He is trying very hard to suppress this urge to act on his feelings.

These are the things that consume Kaizaki?s mind and what keeps him from moving forward and being happy. Even Yaoke notices. Despite Yaoke?s advices, Kaizaki remains passive and half-hearted and even tells Yaoke that his happiness has nothing to do with Hishiro. Because of this, Yoake somehow threatens Kaizaki (or perhaps to shake him up) that if he doesn?t perform well in this ReLife experiment, it will affect his future employment. Yoake also adds, ?At the rate things are going, I (Yaoke) might have to get Hishiro involved in something serious.?

So in ReLife 142, expect to see Yaoke make a move on Hishiro. Whether he does this to upset Kaizaki or maybe he does have feelings for Hishiro too, is uncertain as of the moment. But Yoake having feelings for Hishiro is not unlikely at all since they have been together in this program for two years now and we can say that the person who knows Hishiro best would be none other than Yaoke.

The story and the two main characters of ReLife, Hishiro and Kaizaki, is in all of us. The theme is just dead-on relatable. We are these type of people, who because of certain circumstances (but mostly out of fear) compromise happiness and relationships. Why? Is dealing with emotions and giving ?your all? too much for our hearts? People are so scared of failing, experiencing disappointment, and getting their hearts broken, that?s why most of us end up having a life full of regrets. Without even trying, we have the tendency to always choose the road that is just okay and not the best to avoid the trouble.

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